Marilyn Rusignuolo, ACH

Marilyn Rusignuolo, ACH Marilyn Rusignuolo, ACH
Advanced Clinical Hypnotist
Additional Certification in Addictions
Member of the National Guild of Hypnotist

Nationally Certified Hypnotist/Hypno-Counselor. Reiki Practitioner, Addiction Specialist, Marilyn uses a unique and effective combination of Clinical Hypnosis and Hypno-Counseling to create a personal and highly effective session that will enable you to achieve the change that you wish to make. Combining coaching and hypnosis for all health and wellness improvement including quit smoking and weight loss programs. Using hypnosis for stress, anxiety management and sports improvement, lower your golf score, sports enhancement for adults and young people.

Advanced Certified

  • Addictions
  • Assertiveness training
  • Clinical Hypnosis addressing sleep interruption
  • Digestive issues problems
  • Stress relief, anxiety
  • Fear of driving
  • Fear of flying
  • Phobias
  • Children's issues

Our Assertiveness Training Program and Confidence Building Program are proven to be very effective. Relationship issues including "Forget Your Ex" program.

What is hypnosis?
During hypnosis, the body and conscious mind are in a relaxed neutral state while the subconscious mind remains awake and receptive to suggestion. Hypnosis is an educational communication process to a person’s mind that allows his/her conscious and subconscious mind to believe the same message.

Hypnosis unites body, mind, and spirit!

Hypnosis creates a sense of harmony and phenomenal peace within the individual so that the current challenge or goal can be met and dealt with in a positive manner. Hypnosis provides a vehicle whereby you:

  • can work on self-understanding
  • are given the opportunity to follow your hearts desire
  • can live in greater harmony and love

Hypnosis is a bridge. It assists in connecting all levels and all of what we are.

Let me guide you to learn how to harness the power of your mind to effect change…

Hypnosis Works! You can use hypnosis for the following:

Lose Weight
No Hunger
No Dieting
No Cravings

Stop Smoking
Guaranteed Stop Smoking Program

Improve Sports Performance

And Much More!

We Can Help!

New Jersey Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy Servicing all of New Jersey and the Tri-State Area With offices conveniently located in Red Bank and Holmdel

Quit smoking Guaranteed, weight reduction, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, overcome fear, phobias, stress management, improve confidence, remove fear of public speaking, sales motivation, improve test scores, Relief From Chemo Therapy Side Effects, and behavior modification.